Our Roots

Tree climbing is a fun way to get back to nature and enjoy the wonders that trees have to offer.  In 2006 our founder, Miles Burkart, started looking for a safe way to climb coconut trees in Hawaii. Along the way, he discovered the sport of recreational tree climbing and was instantly hooked. Since no recreational tree climbing instructors existed in Hawaii at the time, Miles trained with a climbing company called Climb Aloha and eventually became a rock climbing guide.


In 2007, Miles was fortunate to meet Peter Jenkins, the "father of recreational tree climbing”, at the International Tree Climbing Competition hosted in Honolulu, Hawaii.  He later trained with Peter in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of Tree Climbers International.


Miles continued to developing his tree climbing techniques in the rainforests of Oahu and formed the company Tree Climbing Hawaii in 2009. In 2011, Miles relocated to Los Angeles and started Cloud Nine Tree Climbing. 


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