Tree Climbing Gear

Note that the gear described in this section relates to equipment used by trained climbers. Always seek proper training before attempting to climb using the techniques described below.


Doubled Rope Technique (DRT or DdRT) Gear

Tree climbing gear depends on the sophistication of the climber. Beginner climbers will generally use the Doubled Rope Technique (DRT) and need a helmet, a climbing harness, a static arborist rope, two locking carabiners, a cambium saver, and throw line with a couple of throw bags. Advanced climbers will often use split tail friction hitches with a pulley to tend slack more efficiently along with an adjustable lanyard for positioning themselves in the tree.


Single Rope Technique (SRT) Gear

Climbers who do long initial ascents may choose to start their climbs using the Single Rope Technique (SRT). Additional gear for SRT may include ascenders, pulleys, belay devices, and a plethora of other goodies depending on the climbing style used.


Other Gear to Consider

In addition to the gear mentioned above, some items can make life easier in the field. Rope bags and collapsible throw line cubes help manage line and prevent snags. Tree entry devices such as slingshots or the BIG SHOT can be used to set a rope high in a tree with amazing accuracy. Lastly, tree hammocks are a great way for one or two people to relax after a nice climb.


Where to Buy Tree Climbing Gear

Some Universal Guidelines for Gear

  • Always check your gear for wear or damage before and after climbs.
  • Always maintain and clean your gear.
  • Never purchase used gear.
  • Never use visibly damaged gear.
  • Store gear out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location.
  • When you purchase new gear, always practice using it low to the ground at first. Practice slowly and often before going up high into the trees.
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